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I'm David Blum

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

I'm currently a senior graphic designer and brand developer, and I’ve been completely invested in art and design for as long as I can remember. I would describe my style as sharp, intuitive and clean, but my real talent is implementing my clients’ concepts in an ergonomic way while managing to pull inspiration from the unexpected. So far, I’ve had the chance to utilize my skills in a number of professional settings and I’m confident in the abilities that I possess, however I’m eager to explore new opportunities and grow as a designer.

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Restaurant & Bar

Puffingston Presentations

Auxiliary Records

Awesome brands I've gotten to work with.


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Senior Presentation Designer & Brand Developer

During my time at Puffingston, I’ve gotten chance to work with big name clients such as AMD, Experian, Avon, and Anthem with a very high satisfaction rate. My projects included everything from major Keynotes and conferences, to employee on-boarding materials. I also lead an internal re-branding project for Puffingston which included the new logo and marketing materials, as well as the new website.

AUG 2017 – APR 2018


Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Working at SpaceCraft, I had the chance to work on websites for major brands such as P Terry's, KAABOO, Little Nest Photography, FIT4MOM, Network Funding and more. Through my work here, I've acquired extensive experience working with HTML/CSS and Javascript.

APR – AUG 2017


Graphic Designer 

Through The Creative Group, I had the opportunity to work with American Campus Communities in their efforts to re-create floor plans for their student living quarters with apartments across the USA. 



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